Featured Artist of the month – Robert Wiegand

Wiegand Bob

Bob Wiegand Artist of the Month - October 2009

Although Bob had been buying horns from me for a while, I had not had the opportunity to actually meet him until a chance meeting in an hotel elevator in March while we were both attending the HCH Annual Meeting. During the course of the event, we had several chances to chat and it was mighty enjoyable. I also enjoyed looking at the various pieces of craftsmanship he had displayed on his table. Following is his story:

I have been involved in re-enacting and trekking since 1974. I started building muzzle loaders with Bill Kennedy at his gun shop in Peapack, NJ in 1976. Bill taught me more than I could ever hope to repay, and I am still producing accoutrements and appurtenances and even a muzzleloader once in a while. I met some amazingly talented Pennsylvania people through Bill, and since his passing, I miss him dearly every day. I was involved with the New Jersey Frontier Guard for a very short period and then started mustering with the New Jersey Ranging Company under the command of Hezekiah Dunn. These too are great people and good friends. All the people I have met in this recreation have been wonderful to know. I recently moved to Georgia and set up a small shop. I have been getting acquainted with the groups down here in the south such as the Whitewater Longhunters (People of One Fire) who have been good friends, and the Georgia Coalition of Historical Trekkers with whom I have camped and generally like to be around. I am a member of the Honorable Company of Horners, and the Contemporary Longrifle Association. While membership in these organizations does not constitute a recommendation, I am proud to be associated with such skilled people, and proud to know many of them personally. I am currently in business full time, and have devoted myself to producing the finest accoutrements that can be had, at the fairest prices I can offer.

You can contact Bob at rwiegand@enter.net

Wiegand horn 1

Berks County horn


Aged Berks county screw tip horn was entered in the HCH competition, at this past years conference, for undecorated class and took a second place ribbon. Judges said they could not tell it from the originals when set side by side with them.

wiegand horn 2

Screw Tip horn


Panelled Screw tip horn is an original of mine. Not copied from any original but all the finer points are nicely done.



Wiegand horn 3

Tansel Style Horn

Tansel Horn is one that might have been damaged and repaired in a period correct manner with copper staples that have been silvered, and a glued leather patch on the inside to maintain air tightness.

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One Response to “Featured Artist of the month – Robert Wiegand”

  1. mahanjeffersongenie Says:

    If you double click on the picture it will take you to PowderHorns and More website. Double click again it will make the picture larger. The tansal horn is very interesting.

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