EBay horn for grandson in Afganistan

Customer Ed writes: 

I am more than pleased with the horns I won on your e-bay listings, especially #534 which I wanted at almost any cost because I wanted it for my grandson who is serving in the U.S. Army at Ft. Drum, N.Y. and is about to be deployed overseas, this will be a special horn that will follow his military service. Also the free horn that John picked out was super, thank you. Ed. 


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One Response to “EBay horn for grandson in Afganistan”

  1. mahanjeffersongenie Says:

    Ed writes via me:
    I just cut the tip off and drilled out the spout hole now I am
    deciding whether or not to put a lobe on it and how to carve the tip, this
    may be a long drawn out process, let me know what you want as far as photo’s etc. for your blog. I could send you a picture of my grandson in uniform if you want, he may be coming home for the weekend

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