West Coast Horn Fair Raffle Prize by Wild Willy

TINDER BOX MADE OUT OF HORN by Wild Willy Frankfort

We are proud to have as one of our raffle prizes a Tinder box made out of horn.  Wild Willy Frankfort of Pennsylvania made one for the West Coast Horn Fair this coming April 1st and 2nd.

This is the most interesting item I have seen in a long time. It is Engraved

Tinder Horn by Wild Willy Frankfort

with the words, “Live Free or Die”.  Also “1798 Lewis Wetzel his Tinder Box”. 

The lid is secured by a flattened horn that has a carved Indian with an open mouth and a shocked expression

Laminated Horn on the lid

on his face. Inside the lid is a wooden compartment for your char secured by a cork. You cannot lose your lid because it is secured by a leather lace that you pull tight from the bottom.

The main compartment of the oval horn is where you will carry your flint and steel cushioned by some tinder.

Wait until you see the detail involved in this horn.  Both ends are trimmed

with horn rings.  But before Willy put them on this oval horn, he heated the horn ring and rounded it on a mandrel.  Then he lathe turned the ring on that

Live Free or Die

mandrel to a consistent thickness and applied a groove in the center of it.  Then he re-heated the finished ring and installed it on the large end of the horn.  Then he turned around and did it all over again for the small end.  Pretty spiffy horn work.

The scrimshaw mentions Lewis Wetzel. Willy writes, “Lewis Wetzel was one of the most prolific Indian killers of our region.  He roamed the Ohio border country acting as a guide and scout and pledged to kill every Indian he saw.  Tales of him are told round the fire today.  Even now, Indians still leave small offerings at his grave so as not to anger his ghost.

Lewis and Clark hired Wetzel to make the journey west.  It was later that they had to explain they were there to treat with the Indians and not kill them.  He detoured to Louisiana and was put in prison.  He was released but died some time after.

The small chamber is for char cloth.  It should be cut into small squares and laid in the hole.  This keeps it from being broken up.  Willy says, “I usually build my kit with a good striker, flint shards, a burning lens and dry tinder.  I also carry a small tin of punk.  But most folks don’t know what that is or don’t know how to make it.”

This item is something that you will be able to display with pride.


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One Response to “West Coast Horn Fair Raffle Prize by Wild Willy”

  1. Rick Froehlich Says:

    John, Here’s to the success of the WCHF event!……With all those powder horn folks attending! Wouldn’t a congragation of Horners qualify as being a HERD!

    Good Luck’
    Rick out in Beep! Beepland!

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