More Raffle Prizes

Snow White horn by John Shorb and Austin Walker

Scrimshaw by Don Opalewski of Austin Walker Horns.

Compass with Crossed Flintlocks and a horn

Weaving Welchman Powder Horn Strap

POWDER HORN STRAP by The Weaving Welchman aka Lynn Blevins
ARTIST’S PROOF by Yosef Trilling DBA Scrimshaw Powder Horns
Yosef wanted to know if this scrimshaw would work on the curved surface of a cow horn.  He took a scrap horn and this is what he made.  He was working from a pen and ink that was about 8″ x 10″.  He sized it and worked out the 

Five and Drummer

image on this  scrap piece of cow horn.

This scene is part of a  series of limited edition powder horns, there are only 5 to a series and the art work is retired as a whole. The Fife and drummers will be used in a Revolutionary War Powder horn.
Yosef writes,  “All the art work I used is drawn by me. Some times I can get carried away and draw in a larger scale (in pen and ink) and when reduced the detail is so small that I am not sure if the grain in the powder horn will even take the engraving, so that is when I will do an artist proof to see if it can work. In the case of the Fife and Drummers it did and it will work.  Now my limited editions are limited to when to when I can get the right horns they must be over 16″ to take all the art work.
Disclosure: Yosef uses powder horns made by PowderHorns and More.  I plan to show the finished product in future posts.
Powder Horn Strap by Pam Skillman 

Horn Strap on the Loom by Pam Skillman

Another prize for the raffle.  I think some of the people should come just for the raffle! Although the classes are great.  I would love to attend all of them. Especially the horn history classes.
Pam Skillman has donated one  of her fine powder horn straps. 

Horn Strap finished by Pam Skillman

Another great addition to the fine line up of raffle prizes.


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2 Responses to “More Raffle Prizes”

  1. Andrew Perkins Says:

    Wonderful work! Looking forward to seeing the finished work by Yosef.

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