Raffle Prize by Rick Froehlich

Rick Froehlich has donated the most fantastic powder horn I have seen in a long time.

Rick Froehlick Raffle Prize Right side

This is a fully engraved and scrimshawed horn. It is a right hip, 16″ long horn with a very pleasant twist. The base plug is a lathe turned drawer-pull base with three steps.

On the outside panel is a stylized Heraldic Federal Eagle that is holding Olive Branches and Arrows.

 The wreath and vining are styled foliage with the berries etc. being depicted

Bottle Shaped Tip

from an 18th century Tulip original engravings from another powder horns.

The spout of the horn has a Zig Zagged carved strap engrailed ring. The spout is shaped into the “bottle” or “bulbed” shape.

"Praise God and Liberty"

Rick writes, “I tried to capture the impression of a Rev. War powder horn, made by a Horner or Gunmaker of the period. I purposely aged it and stressed the appearance to add a well used look.”

You will be very proud to own this work of art.

distressed horn base and base plug

Zig Zagged carved strap engrailed ring


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2 Responses to “Raffle Prize by Rick Froehlich”

  1. Russ Froehlich Says:

    Very impressive…..terrific craftsmanship!!! The old trucker has skills!!!

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