Horn Fair Prizes and Winners


The fair is history and a success. Twelve prizes were won by the people who were there, Eight prizes were won by people who bought tickets on line.

Rodger Hodge brought his powder measure to the horn fair to add to the wonderful table of prizes. It is very useful antler powder measure. The photo does not do it justice. It was won by George H. of TN.

We were very pleased to meet Glenn Sutt at the Horn fair. He has found some very nice original horns that he displays and shares his knowledge with people.

Glenn donated a well made etched knife with a maple handle. Don O. Of MI won this lovely item.

This lovely powder horn strap was Lynn Blevens of Weaving Weldhman. This was won by Paul B.  from TX.

The latest prize for the West coast Horn Fair is a powder horn strap by Kris Polizzi of Elizabethtown PA. It is 1 3/8 by 56 1/2″ long. The colors are

Horn Strap by Kris Polizzi

traditional earth tones of brown and tan.

Raffle tickets will be available again next year. The website is www.westcoasthornfair.com.


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