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And the winners are:

May 4, 2011
Everyone of the participants are the real winners. All the people who supported the event with prizes and buying raffle tickets are winners in our book. The teachers of the many classes felt like winners when the faces of the attendees light up as they absorb all the new ideas.
Here is a list of the donors and the names of the winners!Subscription of Muzzleloader Magazine  Won by Scott Morrison, participant
Powder Horn strap by Lynn Blevens won by David Resler

Skillman Strap

Weaving Welchman Strap

Powder Horn strap by Lynn Blevens red, white and blue won by Paul Butcher.
Powder Horn strap by Pam Skillman won by Don Kerr, participant
Powder Horn strap by Kris Pelizzi won by Scott Morrison, participant

Glenn Sutt Knife

Leather hide donated by James Eastman won by Bob Kopner
Knife by Glenn Sutt won by Don Opalewski
Horn Oven by David Rase won by Scott Morrison, participant
Leather Bag by Jim Smith won by Don Kerr, participant

Artist’s Proof on horn by Yosef won by Chip Kormas, participant
Horn Measure by Roger Hodge won by George Hey

Primer by Jerry Frank

Priming Flask by Jerry Frank won by Chris Miller, participant
Priming Horn by Chip Kormas won by Ron Smith

Primer by Steve Lodding

Priming Horn by Steve Lodding won by Steve Skillman, participant

Banded Horn by Scott Morrison won by Jim

Scott Morrison Banded Horn

Smith, participant

Banded horn by Steve Skillman

Banded Horn by Steve Skillman donated by Dave Rase won by Ron Smith, participant
Engraved Powder Horn by Rich Froehlich

Engraved Powder Horn by Rick Froehlich

won by Bo Brown, participant

Joint horn by John Shorb and Don Opalowski

Engraved Horn by Don Opalewski made by John Shorb won by Jim Smith, participant

Tinder Box by Willy Frankfort won by Don Opalewski

Tinder Box by Willy Frankfort

David Wright Print donated by the NMLRA won by Al Stopler.
David Wright Print
We want to thank all the participants and all the contributors and all the workers for a job well done. John and Linda

Artist of the Month Tammy Woods Moon

May 3, 2011
Tammy Woods

Tammy Woods, artist of the month

We are introducing Tammy Woods, our first female featured artist and horn maker.

She writes: I am 36 years year old. I’ve only been doing horn work for ‘lil over two years. I had found myself out of a job due to health problems (broke my back at 17) and needed funds. My ex-boyfriend introduced me to making horns. He had made a few powder horns and was able to

Tammy at work

educate me. My first was just a little rum horn. Carole at Track Of The Wolf offered me $80 for it and I was tickled. I have just been learning a little more as I go.

Due to my health it takes me a little while to do one, but I think they turn out really pretty (well most times anyway). I have been to a few rendezvous to talk with other Horners, and I

Engraved Cannons

really enjoy it. Now, that I have a new wood lathe (that I got for Christmas) it will help with my production. I have my chair set just for comfort.

The more events I go to, and the more originals I get to look at (and sometimes hold), the more I am learning how to get the feel for aging the horns I make. I have met many

Paneled Horn by Tammy Woods

great individuals willing to answer questions, or offer advice in my studies.

You can reach me at

Tammy also did a MicMac horn.  The MicMac were one of 6 of the Algonquin tribes in New

Mic Mac style horn by Tammy Woods

England and Canada. The designs on the “MicMac” horns were used by all of the 6 tribes, but for some reason these horns are known as MicMac horns. The designs are ancient.

There is an original horn with a MicMac design pictured in Jim Dresslar’s book, “The Engraved Powder Horn”.