Artist of the Month Tammy Woods Moon

Tammy Woods

Tammy Woods, artist of the month

We are introducing Tammy Woods, our first female featured artist and horn maker.

She writes: I am 36 years year old. I’ve only been doing horn work for ‘lil over two years. I had found myself out of a job due to health problems (broke my back at 17) and needed funds. My ex-boyfriend introduced me to making horns. He had made a few powder horns and was able to

Tammy at work

educate me. My first was just a little rum horn. Carole at Track Of The Wolf offered me $80 for it and I was tickled. I have just been learning a little more as I go.

Due to my health it takes me a little while to do one, but I think they turn out really pretty (well most times anyway). I have been to a few rendezvous to talk with other Horners, and I

Engraved Cannons

really enjoy it. Now, that I have a new wood lathe (that I got for Christmas) it will help with my production. I have my chair set just for comfort.

The more events I go to, and the more originals I get to look at (and sometimes hold), the more I am learning how to get the feel for aging the horns I make. I have met many

Paneled Horn by Tammy Woods

great individuals willing to answer questions, or offer advice in my studies.

You can reach me at

Tammy also did a MicMac horn.  The MicMac were one of 6 of the Algonquin tribes in New

Mic Mac style horn by Tammy Woods

England and Canada. The designs on the “MicMac” horns were used by all of the 6 tribes, but for some reason these horns are known as MicMac horns. The designs are ancient.

There is an original horn with a MicMac design pictured in Jim Dresslar’s book, “The Engraved Powder Horn”.


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