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Featured Artist – Craig Cox – Wye Mountain Trading Company

August 4, 2012

Craig is a native to Arkansas where he lives with his wife Shy and two sons, Mason (16) and Conner (13).

Craig Cox and Sons

Craig Cox and Sons

The outdoors, history and two sons soon led to the first Rendezvous. The first powder horn was a primitive map scrimshawed with a knife of the first Rendezvous for his oldest son Mason. From there the horns began to progress a little more each time.

Craig set up at an event

These have been gifts to family and friends.

Regaining history through these horns has become a passion for Craig. Craig tries to pay respect to history and creates his horns based on history or artifacts. A journey, event, place or person’s story in history is retold in each horn. A map to a Rendezvous, Benjamin Franklin’s Join or Die, the battle of Yorktown,

Port Royal horn

and the loss of the pirates’ haven at Port Royal have been retold in horns by Craig.

Craig and his sons also work with leather and have begun blacksmithing. Craig has made hunting pouches, a purse for his wife and recently a purse for Ms. Katey Sagal of “Sons of Anarchy”. Mason is the oldest son and the most artistic of the family with his drawings.

Franklin Join or Die Horn

Franklin Join or Die Horn

Mason has begun making powder horns and has the ability to make a name for himself with his artwork. Conner has taken a fearless liking to blacksmithing. Conner’s first project was making a blade from a railroad spike. Not wanting to start small, he relentlessly beat the metal into his first blade.

Map Horn

Purse for Ms. Katey Sagal of “Sons of Anarchy”

Wye Mountain Trading Company was established for the Rendezvous and in hopes of a future brick and mortar store on the mountain. You can reach Craig and the boys at