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BLACK HORN AND CHERRY BOX by John DeWald Raffle Prize for West Coast Horn Fair

April 12, 2012

We are very pleased to feature this Black Horn Box by John DeWald. It is a raffle prize for the West Coast Horn Fair, which will be held the end of April 2012.  (You do not have to be present to win.)


Black Horn Box by John deWald

The horn is naturally black and the ends are cherry wood. The pull is antler. John  DeWald, known as SauVage, hangs out on The Horners Bench. He calls it his “black-cherry box.”   He can be reached at

John added some very personal touches to make this item even more desirable for the upcoming winner.

Near the base of the horn in bold print he engraved the words “BLACK CHERRY”  in letters that are less then an eighth of inch tall.


Black Cherry

Then he added a drawing of two cherries.


Two Cherries

In addition, he signed and numbered the box to make it a true collector’s item. It reads “J  DeWald Jr Mar 2012 B #14.”


J DeWald Jr. Mar 2012 B #14


Box made from cow horn with the lid off.

West Coast Horn Fair 2012 Prizes

March 7, 2012

The West Coast Horn Fair will be held in Morro Bay California April 27th

West Coast Horn Fair 2012

and 28th 2012.  Steve Vance will be the featured speaker along with many others.  Of course, the raffle is one of the big events.  You do not have to be present to win. For more information click here.

Some of the prizes that are have arrived


The latest book by Scott and Cathy Sibley will be on the raffle table.

Scott and Cathy Sibley's latest book

Pen and Ink prints by David Carrick of Sagle Idaho.

Timber Jack Joe by David A Carrick

Mystic Warrior by David A Carrick

In Memory of Chris LeDoux by David Carrick









These are scanned images and do not reflect the quality of the actual print.

We have more prizes coming. A scrimshawed horn by Josef. A print 1 off 1,000 by David Wright,  powder horn straps,  Scrimshaw quality cow horns, and powder horns.