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WCHF 2014 Prizes and winners

May 14, 2014

The West Coast Horn Fair did not ask for prizes from the Horn Making Community this year, but the prizes came pouring in.  There was the auction and the raffle.  I am sorry I do not have pictures of all the prizes.  If you made or won a prize, please send me a picture and I will update this post.

We are grateful for the many fantastic raffle and auction prizes. Two different horn and bag combinations were donated by Scott Morrison and Ron Hess.

Bag, Horn, Measure, Pick and Pan Brush by Scott Morrison

Bag, Horn, Measure, Pick and Pan Brush by Scott Morrison won by Shawn Martin

Ron Hess Horn and Ed McDilda bag, donated by Ron Hess

Ron Hess Horn and Ed McDilda bag, donated by Ron Hess won by Bo Brown

More items were sent in to support The West Coast Horn Fair.

These items were donated by the participants.

Containers by Steve Skillman

Containers by Steve Skillman won by Chip Kormas

Cup and screw top container by Ed McDilda. Donated by Chip Kormas

Cup and screw top container by Ed McDilda. Donated by Chip Kormas  won by Tim Sampson

Horn Handled Knife by Glenn Sutt

Horn Handled Knife by Glenn Sutt Won by Jim Smith

Franklin County Screw tip Flat Horn by Glenn Sutt

Franklin County Screw tip Flat Horn by Glenn Sutt. High bidder was Scott Morrison

Hand knitted horn socks by Pam Skillman

Hand knitted horn socks by Pam Skillman

Auction items that are waiting for pictures.

Camp chair by Will Ulery Won by Glenn Sutt

A framed and matted Print by Bill Conant. Won by Chris Statz

Buffalo Horn by Harold Moore. Won by BO Brown.


Book Powder Horns Fabrication and Decoration. Donated by Don Kerr. Won by Harold Moore
Hand forged knife and sheath donated by BO Brown Won by Kyle Martin.
We had two Knife kits donated by Roger Hodge with Green River blades. Won by Nancy Moore and Rich Downs.
Scrimshawed Salt and Pepper container of antler by Kieth Beard Won by BO Brown.
Horn Spoon (show project) by Glenn Sutt Won by Steve Baima.
Necklace pincushion by Kieth Beard, donated by BO Brown Won by Dave Rase.
Antler Flask by Scott Morrison Won by Lloyd Chase.
Buffalo priming horn by Harold Moore Won by Kevin Thiel.
Salt horn by Skillman Won by Dave Rase.
Small table horn by Skillman Won by Don Kerr.
Framed photo by Nancy Moore Won by Shawn Martin.
Deluxe Cureton Horn by John Shorb Won by Kevin Hart.

The Hartley Book donated by The Honourable Company of Horners was won by

The Hartley Book donated by The Honourable Company of Horners was won by Roger Hodge


Powder Horn by John Shorb Raffle item won by Keven Hart

Powder Horn by John Shorb Raffle item won by Keven Hart


Horn straps by Lynn Blevens, Weaving Welshman (won by Glenn Sutt); Kris Polizzi Custom Weaving (won by Glenn Sutt) ; Strap by Bo Brown (won by Scott Morrison)

Horn straps by Lynn Blevens, Weaving Welshman (won by Bill Conant); Kris Polizzi Custom Weaving (won by Glenn Sutt) ; Strap by Bo Brown (won by Scott Morrison)

Hand knitted horn socks by Pam Skillman Won by Glenn Sutt, ,Kyle Martin, and Chip Kormas.

Hand knitted horn socks by Pam Skillman Won by Glenn Sutt, ,Kyle Martin, and Chip Kormas.

The participants were having way to much fun and made this sign to give John Shorb  a very bad time.


Honest John's Used Horns CHEAP  One owner OK Used Horns.

Honest John’s Used Horns
One owner OK Used Horns.

Cow Horns lined up in a row! Don't they look pretty.

Cow Horns lined up in a row! Don’t they look pretty.

We want to thank Steve Skillman, Scott Morrison, Glen Sutt, Chip Kormas, Steve Bama, Bo Brown, Don Kerr, Shawn Martin and Kyle Martin. Jim and Laura Smith cooked all weekend. They brought their killer brownies. Rodger Hodge made badges for participants. Many others worked hard to put this event together.

Next year will be held the First weekend in May at the Capitol City Gun Club in Little Rock WA. We have more ideas, more teachers and more events to present to all the horn makers.





West Coast Horn Fair 2013 Raffle Prizes

March 12, 2013

The West Coast Horn fair will be held in Littlerock WA April 26, 27 and 28 2013. The event is funded entirely by raffle tickets.  Horn makers from all over the US have donated prizes for this raffle.

You do not need to be present to win. We mail the prizes to you at no cost to you. For a complete list of all the prizes and a link to buy tickets click HERE

Southern Banded Horn by Scott Sibley

Southern Banded Horn by Scott Sibley

This Southern Banded Powder Horn was donated by Scott Sibley.  The horn measures 13″ around the double curve.  Scott filed the horn to make it much lighter in weight. The tip is turned Whitetail antler and it done in two pieces as were the majority of original horns. The tip and bands are fastened with wooden pegs.

Applied Tip on Sibley's Horn

Applied Tip on Sibley’s Horn

There are four turned bands. The base plug is cherry, turned with a “wasp waist” design as per an original “Shenandoah Valley” horn that is in Scott’s collection.  The dark color is also like the original horn.

Wampum beaded Belt “Hawkeye Belt”donated by Gary Bertelsen

Wampum belt patterned after the movie The Last of the Mohicans. By Gary Bertelsen

Wampum belt patterned after the movie The Last of the Mohicans. By Gary Bertelsen

This is designed after the belt Daniel Day Lewis used as a horn belt in the
movie “Last of the Mohicans” also known at the “Hawkeye Belt”

It is made with replica wampum beads, woven on brain tanned deer hide
laces with artificial sinew.

Measures (beaded portion) 50 inches plus 15 inches of lace fringe on each
end – At 50 inches, this is a strap that will fit a Big Boy.

“Osceola” beaded garters.

Second prize by Gary Bertelsen (no picture yet)I included a set of “Osceola” beaded garters.   These are based on the original piece at the National Museum of the American Indian which says they were actually worn by Osceola and included in a George Catlin painting.

Horn Box donated by Tim Sanner

Horn Box donated by Tim Sanner

Horn Box donated by Tim Sanner

Tim Sanner is a Journeyman Horner in the Honourable Company of Horners.  This little container is called a Horn Box. The box is made of cow horn with a walnut base.  The lid is turned walnut with a white horn ring.  It measures 3 1/2″ tall and 2 1/2″ in diameter. This is a piece anyone would be proud to own.

13 WCHF Yosef

Artist Proof on cow horn by Yosef Trilling

13 WCHF Yosef (640x480)

Artist Proof on cow horn by Yosef Trilling

Two artist’s proof horns engraved by Yosef Trilling. He takes a cow horn and engraves a new subject to see exactly how it will look on the curved and limited surface of the horn. Yosef can be found on eBay and the CLA site. Also

Engraving tool made and donated by David Rase.

Engraving tool made and donanted by David Rase.

Engraving tool made and donated by David Rase.

Engraving Tool by David Rase

This tool can be used to do some fine engraving on a powder horn. The tip is a Coulter Precision carbide point held in place with a set screw so the tip can be changed out when it gets dull.  Dave hand turned the brass holder and installed a blue grip cushion.  You can reach David  at


This hard back book was donated by Jeff Bibb at The Honourable Company of Horners.

Robert M. Hartley made these drawings documenting historic powder horns. The  drawings are laid out so you see all sides of the horn. There are close-up photos of  the Royal Coat of Arms, rivers, cities and towns, forts and animals.

The Hartley Horn Drawings donated by The Honourable Company of Horners

The Hartley Horn Drawings donated by The Honourable Company of Horners

Detail from the pages of The Hartley Book
Detail from the pages of The Hartley Book

Detail from the pages of The Hartley Book

Detail from the pages of The Hartley Book

Wild Willy Frankfort on the cover of The Horn Book

June 13, 2012

This is the cover of The Horn Book (winter 2012), the magazine of The Honorable Company of Horners.  It is an original painting by Willie Frankfort of himself sitting at a table with horn items around him.

The sign reads, “Horn Shop at Ye Gaston Town. Makers Powder horns ~ Cups ~ Spoons ~ and Snuffboxes.

At the bottom, it says: ” The Master Craftsman

A Canvas sits alone and bare awaiting a touch so tender with care

Strokes applied with care and delight, images forming an incredible sight,

A splendid design of flowers and vines of birds with feathers appearing to shine,

If you look in the center you will see the master craftsman looking at thee. ”


Willy Frankfort tells me that this painting although nice, it’s not his favorite style.  He is an illustrator and a cartoonist and likes the folksy sketches from the 17th and 18th century.  He likes to mingle his style with that of past artists and I think it  came out really nice.

Willie writes in his biography.

Wiilliam “Wild Willy” Frankfort

Hello, I am Wm. “Wild Willy” Frankfort artist and professional Horner.

I am a registered Master Horner with the Honorable Company of Horners.  A Guild started in 1996 to assist and instruct artists and craftsmen in the endeavor of creating powder horns and other horn items.  (Cups, spoons, combs, etc.)  I became a Master in 2006 and have accumulated numerous awards for my craft.  I am a founding member of, “Rangers of the Ohio Company” and currently a member of, “The First Virginia Regiment” Experimental Archeologist, and Re-Enactors.  My passion is 18th century frontier history, particularly the Virginia backcountry.

I am currently teaching at Pricketts Fort, West Virginia in the, “Teaching History Through the Arts” program and have been an instructor with the National Parks Service and many private and local programs for the last twenty odd years.

I was looking on Wild Willy’s website and the Jamestown Horn caught my eye. It is a late 17th century style flat “partitioned” horn.  It is about 13″ long and has three panels on both sides.

The first panel is a map of the Roanok area with shipwreks, islands, and natives.  It is taken from one of the original Jamestown maps.

The next panel is of the compass rose of the of the original map, and the last is a ship from the map.

The top band states, “The pictures of sundry things from the voyage made by Sir Walter Raleigh Knight 1585.”

A WERON (Warrior)

The reverse side offers three panels of the natives from that area.

A Cheiff Lorde

The horn is covered in geometrics and has one applied ring and spout.  For more information contact William Frankfort,, or if he is out of town, his son Zachary,

Rick Froehlich Horn Maker

January 11, 2012
Rick was one of the many people that helped us organize The West

Rick Froehlich

Coast Horn Fair. 

The Contemporary Makers Blog featured Rick in March 2011. 

My name’s Rick Froehlich and I have been making powder horns and related horn items since about 1975, when I started attending and participating in many local and national muzzleloading events with my wife and four sons. 

I have always been pretty good in making about anything that I put my mind to and always have enjoyed studying and researching many of the early American skills and arms. 

Rum Horn

Rum Horn Buffalo

I decided to start researching and seeking out examples in museums and a few private antique arms collections, as well as having the opportunity to sit down and talk with experts on the subject of powder horns while attending national rendezvous and other events. 

West Coast Horn Fair Prize 2011

I am a member in THE HONOURABLE COMPANY OF HORNERS and a moderator on the HORNERS BENCH website forum. Today, there are many new folks starting out making horns and we always enjoy seeing new people!

Froehlich Ye Hunter Horn

I have always felt that, “Getting something from a friend …is getting a part of that person’s life!”

Southern Banded by Steve Skillman

March 14, 2011

Donated by David Rase

I won that horn in a raffle at the Paul Bunyan Rifle and Sportsman’s Club

Southern Banded Horn by Steve Skillman

Christmas shoot. The raffle was a fundraiser for Toys for Tots. Steve Skillman donated the horn. If memory serves me right the raffle raise quite a bit of money which is not too bad considering the tickets were only sold to shooters the day of the shoot.  David Rase.

Beehive base plug from wild cherry wood.

Steve Skillman made this Southern banded horn with a bee hive butt that was  turned from a piece of native wild cherry. The strap band is turned from antler as is the spout plug. The bands and plug are pinned in place with small wooden pins.

More horns by Steve Sklllman one of the talented instructors for the Horn Fair.

Bags and Horns by Steve, Photo by Jim Smith

West Coast Horn Fair Raffle Prize by Wild Willy

March 3, 2011

TINDER BOX MADE OUT OF HORN by Wild Willy Frankfort

We are proud to have as one of our raffle prizes a Tinder box made out of horn.  Wild Willy Frankfort of Pennsylvania made one for the West Coast Horn Fair this coming April 1st and 2nd.

This is the most interesting item I have seen in a long time. It is Engraved

Tinder Horn by Wild Willy Frankfort

with the words, “Live Free or Die”.  Also “1798 Lewis Wetzel his Tinder Box”. 

The lid is secured by a flattened horn that has a carved Indian with an open mouth and a shocked expression

Laminated Horn on the lid

on his face. Inside the lid is a wooden compartment for your char secured by a cork. You cannot lose your lid because it is secured by a leather lace that you pull tight from the bottom.

The main compartment of the oval horn is where you will carry your flint and steel cushioned by some tinder.

Wait until you see the detail involved in this horn.  Both ends are trimmed

with horn rings.  But before Willy put them on this oval horn, he heated the horn ring and rounded it on a mandrel.  Then he lathe turned the ring on that

Live Free or Die

mandrel to a consistent thickness and applied a groove in the center of it.  Then he re-heated the finished ring and installed it on the large end of the horn.  Then he turned around and did it all over again for the small end.  Pretty spiffy horn work.

The scrimshaw mentions Lewis Wetzel. Willy writes, “Lewis Wetzel was one of the most prolific Indian killers of our region.  He roamed the Ohio border country acting as a guide and scout and pledged to kill every Indian he saw.  Tales of him are told round the fire today.  Even now, Indians still leave small offerings at his grave so as not to anger his ghost.

Lewis and Clark hired Wetzel to make the journey west.  It was later that they had to explain they were there to treat with the Indians and not kill them.  He detoured to Louisiana and was put in prison.  He was released but died some time after.

The small chamber is for char cloth.  It should be cut into small squares and laid in the hole.  This keeps it from being broken up.  Willy says, “I usually build my kit with a good striker, flint shards, a burning lens and dry tinder.  I also carry a small tin of punk.  But most folks don’t know what that is or don’t know how to make it.”

This item is something that you will be able to display with pride.

Featured Artist of the month – Ed McDilda

February 9, 2011

My interest in shooting blackpowder rifles and history began as a child. If someone told me back then I would be making powder horns I would have laughed at them.

Ed McDilda Featured Artist of the Month December

Due to an injury three years ago, I was no longer able to continue with the job I was doing, which brought my love of history back to surface.

I started small at first, just dabbling here and there working on numerous things from quillwork to guns. It wasnt until I came across Scott Sibleys book on horn making that I discovered my love in making horns. After my first few attempts and some greatly appreciated guidance from a few great guys I met on line through some history forums I began to see how everything comes together to make a nice horn.

An unique horn project, a bottle made from horn. The bottom is a piece of flattened cow horn attached without any glue.

Without them and the support of a very special friend I dont believe I would be as far along in my horn making as I am which let me discover I truly love making Southern Style Horns and the occasional engraved horn.

A nice flattened powder horn with a screw tip


A nice little horn cup made with a piece of flattened horn for the bottom. No glue used in the construction of this cup.

So my thanks go out to John Shorb, Gary Elsenbeck, Jeff Bibb, Tim Crosby, Andrea Hudson, Scott Morrison and all the wonderful people I have met and talked with the past year in the Honorable Company of Horners, and The Horners Bench If you want you can contact me at

Jeff Bibb Horn to be raffled at HCH

January 13, 2010

Jeff Bibb another one of our friends, 

Raffle Prize

Jeff Bibb Virginia Banded Horn

 has made a Virginia banded horn for the upcoming raffle of The Honourable Company of Horners. This spectacular horn and bag combination to be raffled off at the 2010 HCH Annual Horn Fair at Historic Roscoe Village on March14 2010. 

Here is his home page for his site: