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Wild Willy Frankfort on the cover of The Horn Book

June 13, 2012

This is the cover of The Horn Book (winter 2012), the magazine of The Honorable Company of Horners.  It is an original painting by Willie Frankfort of himself sitting at a table with horn items around him.

The sign reads, “Horn Shop at Ye Gaston Town. Makers Powder horns ~ Cups ~ Spoons ~ and Snuffboxes.

At the bottom, it says: ” The Master Craftsman

A Canvas sits alone and bare awaiting a touch so tender with care

Strokes applied with care and delight, images forming an incredible sight,

A splendid design of flowers and vines of birds with feathers appearing to shine,

If you look in the center you will see the master craftsman looking at thee. ”


Willy Frankfort tells me that this painting although nice, it’s not his favorite style.  He is an illustrator and a cartoonist and likes the folksy sketches from the 17th and 18th century.  He likes to mingle his style with that of past artists and I think it  came out really nice.

Willie writes in his biography.

Wiilliam “Wild Willy” Frankfort

Hello, I am Wm. “Wild Willy” Frankfort artist and professional Horner.

I am a registered Master Horner with the Honorable Company of Horners.  A Guild started in 1996 to assist and instruct artists and craftsmen in the endeavor of creating powder horns and other horn items.  (Cups, spoons, combs, etc.)  I became a Master in 2006 and have accumulated numerous awards for my craft.  I am a founding member of, “Rangers of the Ohio Company” and currently a member of, “The First Virginia Regiment” Experimental Archeologist, and Re-Enactors.  My passion is 18th century frontier history, particularly the Virginia backcountry.

I am currently teaching at Pricketts Fort, West Virginia in the, “Teaching History Through the Arts” program and have been an instructor with the National Parks Service and many private and local programs for the last twenty odd years.

I was looking on Wild Willy’s website and the Jamestown Horn caught my eye. It is a late 17th century style flat “partitioned” horn.  It is about 13″ long and has three panels on both sides.

The first panel is a map of the Roanok area with shipwreks, islands, and natives.  It is taken from one of the original Jamestown maps.

The next panel is of the compass rose of the of the original map, and the last is a ship from the map.

The top band states, “The pictures of sundry things from the voyage made by Sir Walter Raleigh Knight 1585.”

A WERON (Warrior)

The reverse side offers three panels of the natives from that area.

A Cheiff Lorde

The horn is covered in geometrics and has one applied ring and spout.  For more information contact William Frankfort,, or if he is out of town, his son Zachary,