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West Coast Horn Fair 2014 A Success!

April 30, 2014

This year’s West Coast Horn Fair was held April 11th, 12th, and 13th 2014 at the Capitol City Rifle and Pistol Club just South of Olympia. The focus was on Heating and Shaping horns. Friday and Sunday were classes and perusing the many display tables. The highlights were discussions on style, schools, periods and horns and architecture.  Many of the participants were discussed what they want for future events.  Everyone is coming back!  John, Linda, Steve and Jim do not want to miss next years West Coast Horn Fair!  (Photos by Steve Skillman except where noted.)

Glen Sutt's table

Glen Sutt’s table

Scott Morrison's Table

Scott Morrison’s Table

Jerry Frank's  table (Crawdad)

Jerry Frank’s table (Crawdad)

Powder Horns and More's Table

Powder Horns and More’s Table

Bo Brown's Table

Bo Brown’s Table

Last year a table was set up for Harold Moore as the Honored Horner of the year. He was Steve Skillman’s  partner when they first started giving horn making classes with the Gunmakers Guild many years ago. Not long after the W.C.H.F. last year, Harold suffered a stroke.  A noted artist in our area, Bill Connant, agreed to do a portrait of Harold for presentation at this years event on Saturday night. The West Coast Horn Fair 2014 honored Harold Moore, a influential Horn Maker from the West Coast.

Harold and Patty Moore with Bill Conant. Photo my Mike Nesbitt

Harold and Patty Moore with Bill Conant. Photo by Mike Nesbitt

Portrait of Harold Moore

Portrait of Harold Moore.  Photo by Mike Nesbitt


There were demonstrations on making flat horns, spoons, and horn sheets.

One of many Flat horns in a  vise

One of many Flat horns in a vise

Flat horn before inserting base plug.

Don Nissen is holding the flat horn as they prepare to insert the base plug.

Glen Sutt working on a flat horn as Rodger Hodge, Crawdad, Scott Morrison, Lloyd and Chip Kormas look on.

Glen Sutt working on a flat horn as Rodger Hodge, Crawdad, Scott Morrison, Lloyd and Chip Kormas look on.

Many flat horns were made as well as spoons and flat pieces for combs and other items.

Horn spoon

Horn spoon

proj Flattened Horn Sheets

Horn sheets

Here are some of the tools used in the shaping of horn.

One of the many heating pots.

Glenn Sutt working with one of the many heating pots.

Proj Wooden forms for flat horns

Wooden Forms for flat horns

Proj Spoon Sutt Mold

Horn Spoon Mold

A chinning tool is used to inscribe a line at the bottom of the cup.

This chinning tool was made at the fair.

This chinning tool was made at the fair.


We want to thank Steve Skillman, Scott Morrison, Glen Sutt, Chip Kormas, Steve Bama, Bo Brown, Don Kerr, Shawn Martin and Kyle Martin. Jim and Laura Smith cooked all weekend. They brought their killer brownies. Rodger Hodge made badges for participants. Many others worked hard to put this event together.

Next year will be held the First weekend in May at the Capitol City Gun Club in Little Rock WA. We have more ideas, more teachers and more events to present to all the horn makers.




March 13, 2014

This year’s event will again be at the Capitol City Rifle and Pistol Club just South of Olympia.
April 11th, 12th, and 13th 2014
Friday’s discussions will be about styles of horns from different areas and periods.

Lathe work station

Lathe work station

Saturday will be all about heating and shaping horn.  How to flatten horns ,

How to make flat horn sheets to use for combs, cup bottoms, and other objects. We have fork and spoon molds available.

Different ways to heat horn and their strong and weak points.

Forming the butt to the plug, fitting a bottom to a cup or container, and so much more.

Saturday Night Banquet and Awards ceremony. There will be a raffle and an auction.

Six Meals will be provided and camping is available on site.

Camping is available

Camping is available

The three day event is 55.00 including meals or 30.00 for Saturday only, also with meals.

Feel free to contact Steve at his E-mail for info or to register.

Link for Info and directions to C.C.R.P.

Here are some pictures from  last years Horn Fair.  It only touches on some of the many events of the weekend.

Glenn Sutt on lathe

Glenn Sutt on lathe

Demonstrations on different machines

Demonstrations on different machines





Display Tables

Display Tables

IMG_6101 IMG_6086

Horns on display

Horns on display

IMG_6098 IMG_6096 IMG_6076

Horn Items for sale and on display

Horn Items for sale and on display

IMG_6064 IMG_6093 IMG_6101 IMG_6108

More Displays

More Displays

Saturday Night Awards

Saturday Night Awards

Many of the participants outside the building

Many of the participants outside the building

And the winners are:

May 4, 2011
Everyone of the participants are the real winners. All the people who supported the event with prizes and buying raffle tickets are winners in our book. The teachers of the many classes felt like winners when the faces of the attendees light up as they absorb all the new ideas.
Here is a list of the donors and the names of the winners!Subscription of Muzzleloader Magazine  Won by Scott Morrison, participant
Powder Horn strap by Lynn Blevens won by David Resler

Skillman Strap

Weaving Welchman Strap

Powder Horn strap by Lynn Blevens red, white and blue won by Paul Butcher.
Powder Horn strap by Pam Skillman won by Don Kerr, participant
Powder Horn strap by Kris Pelizzi won by Scott Morrison, participant

Glenn Sutt Knife

Leather hide donated by James Eastman won by Bob Kopner
Knife by Glenn Sutt won by Don Opalewski
Horn Oven by David Rase won by Scott Morrison, participant
Leather Bag by Jim Smith won by Don Kerr, participant

Artist’s Proof on horn by Yosef won by Chip Kormas, participant
Horn Measure by Roger Hodge won by George Hey

Primer by Jerry Frank

Priming Flask by Jerry Frank won by Chris Miller, participant
Priming Horn by Chip Kormas won by Ron Smith

Primer by Steve Lodding

Priming Horn by Steve Lodding won by Steve Skillman, participant

Banded Horn by Scott Morrison won by Jim

Scott Morrison Banded Horn

Smith, participant

Banded horn by Steve Skillman

Banded Horn by Steve Skillman donated by Dave Rase won by Ron Smith, participant
Engraved Powder Horn by Rich Froehlich

Engraved Powder Horn by Rick Froehlich

won by Bo Brown, participant

Joint horn by John Shorb and Don Opalowski

Engraved Horn by Don Opalewski made by John Shorb won by Jim Smith, participant

Tinder Box by Willy Frankfort won by Don Opalewski

Tinder Box by Willy Frankfort

David Wright Print donated by the NMLRA won by Al Stopler.
David Wright Print
We want to thank all the participants and all the contributors and all the workers for a job well done. John and Linda

Priming Horn by Crawdad for the Raffle

March 24, 2011

We are getting another one!  This one is from Crawdad.

Primer by Crawdad


The base is made from Madrona wood. The spout is turned horn.

The top of the peg is what intrigues me.  Crawdad says, “The stopper is made from hard wood plug pinned to ebony by a bone pin, and then hand fluted and polished. I make all or most of my stoppers this way for all my horns. It is my signature for my horns.”

The priming horn  is about 3 1/2″ tall with the spout and about 2 1/2″ wide. I love it!

Primer by Crawdad


I don’t want to pressure you but the last day to order tickets on-line  is Thursday, March 31st.  Ticket orders by mail have to be here by Tuesday the 29th. We are very proud of the fine raffle prizes we have and the good response in ticket sales.  Remember there are many prizes and that makes the odds of you winning very good.

To order raffle ticket or to register for the fair,

You can register and buy tickets at the event, April 1st and 2nd. Vancouver WA.